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What is Sissy Slut Training?
Often refered to as "Sissification" or "Forced Feminization," Sissy Slut Training is about dominant females that turn submissive males into girly sissy slut slaves.

Sissy sluts are trained in all things feminine from putting on make-up and wearing high heels to being loaned out to Mistress' friends or becoming a "sex toy" that exists only to please "real" men for the Mistress' pleasure and/or profit.
Sissy slut fantasies often include enforced chastity, uniformed maid service, strap-on training, schoolgirl roleplay, female hormone treatments, and "forced-bisexuality," where the sissy must serve men as a sexual bottom under the direction of their Mistress.
Sissy Slut Sessions
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Mistress Kendra James shows 3 little slave bitches what being a real sissy slut is all about! Sissy bambi gets fucked from behind by the Mistress’ strap-on for the first time… Ooouch! Then sissy jizzelle has to suck a real man’s cock and shower in the guy’s jizz like any good blow job sissy whore would. Why do you think Kendra calls “her” jizzelle? Finally, sissy holly gets opened up with Kendra’s “fucksaw” so “her” fuck hole is ripe and ready for Dakota’s horny cock. Lucky holly, she gets to chug his cum from his used condom too!
NTSC DVD · 16:9 widescreen · Feature run time approx. 68 minutes
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Scenes from Sissy Slut Sessions
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